Culinary experience near Cap Fréhel with our Chef Cédric Menguy
Open every evening except Sundays and Mondays
If you're looking for a gourmet restaurant in Brittany to take a break not far from Cap Fréhel, come and discover the delights & delicacies of our Breton Chef Cédric Menguy "Maître Restaurateur". His menu changes every two months according to seasonal produce.
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Breakfast - 2 - Restaurant
Breakfast - 1 - Fresh fruit
Breakfast - 6 - Buffet
Breakfast - 7 - Vegetable desserts
Breakfast - 8 - Cheese
Breakfast - 9 - Cookies
Breakfast - 10 - Genoa Bread
Breakfast - 11 - Kusmi Tea
Breakfast - 3 - Fruit juice
Breakfast - 4 - Dried fruit and jams

Your gourmet morning in Sables d'Or

Breakfast is a special moment at the Hôtel de Diane. The hotel pays particular attention to the products it serves, offering seasonal fruit, cereals, a choice of dried fruit, dairy products, local jams, crêpes, pastries, homemade cakes, a variety of hams and cheeses, different egg dishes and fresh organic fruit juices.

The Chef

It's all the freshness of a talented young chef on the plate. Cédric Menguy, 30, 100% beurre salé, as he likes to call himself, is passionate about gastronomy.

From a very early age, his passion was born with his grandmother, and has never left her. After a classic course in hotel management, he went on to work in a number of establishments in Brittany and Paris, as well as in Michelin-starred restaurants in Bordeaux and Honfleur. But like every Breton, the call of his roots is stronger.

Thanks to a mutual acquaintance, he joined the hotel kitchens to lend a hand to Corinne and Hugo, but the trio worked so well that the chef decided to continue the adventure. Since 2019, it's been a perfect year for this master-restaurateur, who delights both local and visiting customers.
Maître Restaurateur Chef Cédric Menguy - Restaurant Le 1925 - Hôtel de DianeHome-made dishes - Restaurant Le 1925 - Hôtel de Diane
Hôtel de Diane - Restaurant Le 1925 - Chef Cédric Menguy - Maître Restaurateur

An evolving menu With seasonal local produce

Taste the flavors of the region, between land and sea, terroir and creativity, and offer fine cuisine featuring fresh seasonal produce: fish specialties, lobster, oysters from Fréhel and coquilles St Jacques d'Erquy (in season only).

" Le 1925 " is the ideal venue for business meals, family gatherings or a quiet dinner in beautiful, warmly-toned spaces that combine tradition and modernism, refinement and comfort.

Enjoy Cap Fréhel to the full


Enjoy the peace and quiet of one of Brittany's most remarkable natural settings.

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