Relax in the heart of the Hôtel de Diane with moments of well-being at Cap Fréhel.
We invite you to relax in the jacuzzi (booking required and extra charge) or in the sauna or hydromassage bath (also booking required and extra charge). Situated on a south-facing wooden terrace, sheltered from the prevailing winds, you'll enjoy a moment entirely dedicated to relaxation in the unique setting of Le Cap Fréhel.
Hôtel de Diane - Jacuzzi

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L'Hôtel de Diane thinks of your well-being! After your escapades in Brittany or your intensive work sessions, there's nothing better than the jacuzzi to feel an immediate sensation of relaxation, recharge your batteries and unwind.

You can now enjoy the jacuzzi on site, as well as the sauna and hydromassage bath, upon reservation!

Let yourself be tempted by our hydromassage bath

Mainly offered in thalassotherapy, the hydromassage bath follows the anatomy of your body, and is a dry, therapeutic wellness treatment. Relaxed and fully clothed, you'll feel weightless above 35°C water, massaged by pressurized water jets.

Benefits: in addition to the circulatory benefits mentioned above, you'll feel relaxed, revitalized and invigorated. In other contexts, this process is also used to treat aches and pains, vascular pain, reduce daily stress and improve sleep quality.
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Hôtel de Diane - Hydromassage bath
Hôtel de Diane - Sauna

Eliminate tension in the sauna

Soak away stress, tension and toxins in a bath of dry heat between 70 and 100°C. The sauna stove heats stones, often volcanic, which store heat. Once this is done, simply pour water over the boiling stones to create steam in the sauna.

The benefits: sweating is good for blood circulation and helps relieve joint pain. Be careful, however, not to overdo it or stay too long in the sauna.

Invigorate yourself at Cap Fréhel

Hôtel de Diane - Restaurant Le 1925

Enjoy the peace and quiet of one of Brittany's most remarkable natural settings.

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